El Regato School is a non-profit, multilingual and secular family cooperative that has been declared of public interest by the government. 

We support our students and their families from infant school to the end of sixth form, offering them a personalised, comprehensive service through an outstanding educational model that successfully integrates the students into a changing society that poses continuous challenges.  


El Regato School aims to be a centre that is recognised by society, the educational community, families and students for:

  • Developing an innovative educational programme that supports students by giving them a pivotal role in their improvement, enabling them to set their goals, overcome problems and continuously grow.
  • Ensuring financial sustainability by overcoming future challenges.
  • Being a driver of change in an ever-changing society.
  • Offering a flexible and personalised service.
  • Having a team of people who are capable of meeting the growing demands of society.


Commitment to the school’s project: Our organisation operates according to the school’s model (educational project + management model + MVV) and each of our members are individually and collectively responsible for implementing it.

Shared leadership: The various governing bodies make decisions and undertake responsibilities by sharing a common strategy. 

Pivotal to our continuous improvement: Everyone in the organisation self-assesses, defining our achievements, difficulties and areas that require improvement. 

Autonomy: We are people who make our own decisions and take responsibility for them, within each person’s remit.  We use our educational programme to project this onto our students, providing them with the tools to achieve this.

Teamwork/cooperation: To achieve a shared goal, we work collaboratively as a team with everyone in the organisation (students, employees, families, etc.) through Mutual Support Groups (MSG or Grupos de Ayuda Mutua/GAM in Spanish) and the fair distribution of roles.


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We are an educational center: concerted, secular, multilingual
and structured as a cooperative of families nonprofit.

* administracion@elregato.com
944 991 866 - 649 422 777