The global world in which we live has taught us that language proficiency is essential, and this is why we establish equivalence with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). As also promote English as a second language and encourage students to gain formal qualifications in that language. The CEFR sets the levels of language proficiency in any EU language, with C1 being the highest and A1 being the lowest.

In recent years, 66% of students who sat the exam for First Certificate in the 1st year of sixth form obtained the qualification.

proyecto linguistico


Proyecto Linguistico

  • Learning the English language from the age of 2, with native-speaking teachers.
  • German as an elective subject in secondary school.
  • Connecting Europe exchange programme with countries like Germany and Italy.
  • We encourage students to go on international study visits: Experiencia Canadá working holidays and visits to Dublin.
  • We prepare our students to sit external English language tests.
  • We increased the groups that carry out extracurricular activities in English with native-speaking teachers (from the age of 3).
  • We have an English-language Summer Camp with native-speaking teachers.
  • We are certified by Cambridge as an Authorised Preparation Centre (International Certificate of English).
  • In conjunction with the HABE (Adult Literacy and Basque Language Institute), we enable students to enrol to prepare for the EGA (Basque Language Proficiency) certificate through extracurricular activities.


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