In 1969, a group of families decided to set up an Education Cooperative in Barakaldo and they created El Regato School. They understood that they wanted their children to have an alternative route to education to that being provided at the time and a better future.

Since its inception, it has been defined as diverse, secular and embedded in Basque society, with no connection to any political or religious organisation.

Our school is the result of the work of many generations, accomplished with great effort but also enthusiasm. The pursuit of our goal has paved the way for new projects and continuous renewal, where students are key.  


Today, in the world of education, our educational model is considered to be innovative and unique, inspired by the Delors Report 

 “Learning: the Treasure Within” by Unesco and its four pillars and the Competency and Value Management Model. Our model promotes: 

  • Comprehensive personal development in five areas: identity, emotion, body, mind and social environment, perfectly aligned with their essence, allowing them to fulfil their life plans.
  • It proposes organising and managing groups of people (teaching staff, non-teaching staff, students and their families) with cooperation, mutual respect, personal responsibility and shared responsibility, through knowledge and by harnessing each person’s five areas of skills.  

We want to be a 21st century school in an ever-changing world where learning is about discovery, not imitation.


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We are an educational center: concerted, secular, multilingual
and structured as a cooperative of families nonprofit.

* administracion@elregato.com
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