IMPORTANT: whether or not extracurricular activities return in the next school year will not only depend on the set of restrictions imposed by the relevant authorities, but also on any changes to timetables, ratios etc. that may occur in our school due to any adjustments that we are forced to make. This booklet contains a summary of all of the information about the extracurricular programme planned for the 20-21 school year: the programme, the methodology, the teachers running it, the age group at which it is aimed in many cases, the timetables for each activity, etc.; this latter point will be determined according to each activity, when the groups have been formed. Presently, based on the best-case scenario, we have decided to start the following processes:


When the RENEWALS have been completed, with the measures that we are required to adopt, there is a possibility that we will be unable to fulfil all requests and we will need to DRAW LOTS. Therefore, commencement of NEW ENROLMENTS and the places that are available will depend on the situation when priority enrolments have been completed.

The extracurricular activity booklet contains the registration rules and process for the next school year and, in the CHANGES section, it states that when the registration period has ended, there will be a €10 penalty for dropping out. However, if the timetable/limit on numbers, etc. for an activity is changed because it has been reorganised by the school or the companies that run it, there will be no penalty whatsoever if a student asks to be removed.


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The Activities function contains all of the activities offered by the school. When you click on the arrow on the list the details of each activity are displayed, showing:

  • The time and place where the activity is being held.
  • The payment method.
  • A description of it.
  • The registration date, included on the button on which you click to register.
  • View and download icons.


Rules for enrolling for extracurricular activities in the 2020-21 school year


Classes start on 1 October and when enrolling your children you must bear in mind the following recommendations:

Registrations and changes

Registrations: these will be completed using Educamos (activities and services) up until 12 July (deadline), except for English, whose deadline is 21 June, provided that there are places available. When the registration request has been submitted, if it is correct, it will be recorded in the “Student registrations” section of the platform..

Each student can be enrolled in several activities if the timetable is compatible.

It is important for your children to attend extracurricular activities voluntarily because, otherwise, it will be a constant source of conflict.

We recommend only enrolling them for one of the activities scheduled for lunchtime, so that they can enjoy their lunch break on the other days.

When they have been enrolled for the activities, it is essential that they maintain the commitment to regularly attend throughout the year, unless there is a reasonable reason not to, which will be assessed by the school. You will be billed for this in the two respective periods. This will prevent any instability in the group that would jeopardise its continuation.

The Basque Language and English extracurricular classes are offered to complement the studies during school hours and not to serve as catch-up or remedial lessons. The aim is to obtain language certificates.

Billing for extracurricular activities: all activities will be billed quarterly in two instalments. English in September and March; all other activities in October and February.

Changes: these must be sent in writing to the Extracurricular Activities Managers:
Ana Ruiz (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for non-sporting activities and Mikel Tejedor (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for sporting activities. After the registration deadline (12 July) has passed, you will be charged €10 for any changes that are accepted. Each change that is requested leads to a sequence of changes (lists, person running the extracurricular activity, transport, billing, information provided to students/tutors and even the continued existence of the group, etc.).

Late registrations: we cannot guarantee that students who register after the established deadlines will be enrolled in the extracurricular activities that are organised. Acceptance of any registration that is requested will be delayed for organisational reasons.

From 6th year primary and above, extracurricular English requires a level test and there will be a €30 charge for taking this test.


Remember that everyone who enrols for the activities that are offered must abide by and obey the school’s rules.


Bus drop-offs of 3rd year students will follow the route that appears in the magazine at a later date.

Mikel Tejedor Sporting Activities Manager Tel. 944·991·866 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ana Ruiz Non-Sporting Activities Manager Tel. 944·991·866 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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